Ansal Interfacing Sticking Pres is the ideal machine especially for garments such as jackets,coats and trousers which require large areas of interfacing
    The system offers a choice of widths between 100 and 140 cm and 8.0kg/cm2 of pneumatic pressure
    Three separate compartments each with their own separately adjustable group of resistances offer problem free and ideal adhesion capabilities
    Equal pressure distribution ensures homogenous adhesion to the surfaces
    A special heat control system ensures exact heat setting (max. deviation 1%)
    A non-slip, long life unique belt system. Micromesh cooling system at the machines exit. A roller system prevents air bubbles between the fabric and interfacing and gas bubbles fromed by the melting of the sugar in the interfacing
    The memory can store five different operating programs ....keeping operating parameters constant
    Digital display shows which resistances are functioning and which are off
    Belt reverse feature
    Choice of operating language
    Automatic cooling mode feature
    Low voltage / high voltage protection
    Screen displays warning messages such as "Low Air Pressure".
  STP 1000 STR 1400 STR 1600
Resistance power 19 kw 27kw 27kw
Sticking area width 98.5cm 138.5cm 158.5cm
Max. Heat 230ºC
Pressure 8.0Kg/Cm²
Belt speed 14m/min
Sticking duration 5-40 sec
Machine width 142 cm 182cm 202 cm
Machine length 420 cm
Machine height 120 cm
Machine weight 660 kg 930 kg 1130 kg