PLUFIX offers 100% reliability
    PLUFIX performs 6 separate safety checks for each operation.
    PLUFIX uses the highest quality safety and control equipment.
    PLUFIX is completely automatic and PLC controlled.
    PLUFIX offers a separate gas safety system.
    . Adjustable exhaust, safety values, conveyor belts featuring stitched and pressed teflon sides, adjustable entrance and exit come as standard.
    PLUFIX CE is designed and manufactured to CE standards.
PLUFIX is user- friendly
    PLUFIX is operated by a single-touch button.
    PLUFIX's "System Saver" feature means that with a single touch it cools down than shuts down automatically. The belt does not become burnt.
    The system does not need readjustment for each operation.
    Fabric fibres and dust are burnt in a compartment so tue machine remains clean. Due to its practical cleaning system , the filters only take 10 minutes to clean.

PLUFIX is economical
    PLUFIX is 70% more economical than the electrical version.
    PLUFIX is excellent insulation reduces heat loss to a minimum.
    An extra apparatus for burning is not necessary
    An accurate control system featuring PID control ensures that the system works productively yet uses little gas.
    The "Defect Seeking" system displays any faults on a scream.
    Service and maintenance for PLUFIX is provided by ANSAL A.. 's service and maintenance team.
    ANSAL A.. 's engineers and technicians are available 7 days a week.


    Additional ceramic infrared cure section
    Separate cooling system
    Selection of belt widths, oven sizes and loading/unloading section sizes
    Special assembly system fits through any door
    Addional POWER SUPPLY for belts, so the belts can move 3-4 minutes at the
    outsource energyfailure.

PRO101 7500 4800 1 1.800
PRO201 7500 4800 2 700
PRO301 7500 4800 3 700